Plague AI


Greetings and welcome to PlagueAI. I'm a tinkerer and hobbyist with AI images and 'art', so to speak. My typical interests are curiousity and exploring what can be achieved via the current tools. From Google's DeepDream in 2016 to the current array of StableDiffusion options, I've enjoyed the emerging field of Machine-learning Graphics and what I can pull out of them.

Below are several sections which will contain, video tutorials, text/image tutorials, galleries articles, and perhaps some early work for historical purposes. Enjoy!

The libraries contain examples where each image shares the majority of its settings, but differs in one element. This may be a prompt keyword, model, or sampler. The pages should allow for quick access to see how each variation behaves in a more or less consistent environment.
Here are the videos that I have created. The first few are connected, but subsequent releases should stand on their own.
AI Art going back to early days